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Updated Jan 7, 2022

πŸ–Š 2021 Recap Friday, Dec 31, 2021

A worthy goal for a year is to learn enough about a subject so that you can’t believe how ignorant you were a year earlier – Kevin Kelly

As my sabbatical year comes to an end, I find myself asking: did i waste this year chasing butterflies, and being lazy? Or I did exactly what I was supposed to do, explore, experience, expand?

Most days, I’m pretty confident it’s the latter. The year was incredibly enriching. In an attempt to finally and definitively prove to my self I wasn’t just wasting time, I started compiling a list of all the awesome things I could remember.

If I kept my 9-5 job, my bank account would be happier, but I would not have most of the things on this list (to be fair, this year was possible only thank to my 9-5 jobs I held for the previous 10 years).

N.B. A link or mention is not a endorsement of a project. It just means it was a positive experience for me.

Quests, Adventures & Experiences

Skills (acquired and/or leveled up)





Sources of wisdom and inspiration

New and old friends

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