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Updated Jun 2, 2021

🖊 6 Months Free-Wheeling Tuesday, Jun 1, 2021

The roller coaster of emotions has smoothed significantly. Fear and anxiety have given way to joy and optimism. I’m feeling grateful every day about the general state of affair and almost never regretting my choices or use of time.

Work opportunities have been coming from all direction. And sharing my thoughts/ideas/projects with others consistently produces good feedback. Both factors contribute to silencing the voices of doubt that were annoying me in the previous months.

I’ve gradually become less structured and learned to relax the self-inflicted micromanagement.

I’ve added a good amount of negative space in my schedule: time during which I’m distracted, having fun, or just not working on anything in particular. During these times I’ve experienced the most fruitful breakthroughs and the most crystalline moments of clarity, unexpected.

One problem still remains: too many opportunities and ideas, not enough time. I’m more accepting of this condition. It’s now a source of wonder and happiness, rather than a source of anxiety.

I’m going to keep the weekly structure that worked well so far. But switch to planning from a simple single list of everything on my plate, roughly prioritized.

Another great source of clarity and turning points have been conversations. The serendipitous ones, the regularly scheduled ones and the intentional ones, and the ones intentionally out there.

I would like to find a mentor and I would like to meet more potential collaborators with complementary missions and skills.