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Updated Feb 26, 2021

🖊 Living Out Loud Sunday, Nov 8, 2020

I saw something interesting while browsing a very well organized collaborative Discord server.

It was a group of channels called Working out Loud. Each channel bears the name of a person, and it’s their “personal space”. Their office.

Most people were using this as a work log. For things like bookmarks, findings, status updates, etc. But of course also funny finds, rants, and conversation with people that “stop by the office” this way.

Everyone can choose to follow this feeds from collaborators.

I think the Working out Loud meme is brilliant.

What I want to do on this repository is some version of Live out Loud ([1]). Browse out loud, learn out loud, think out loud.

This is nothing new, Facebook and Instagram are Living out Loud platforms too. And countless others before.

Modern social media however, is very high throughput. The platform feeds me updates continuously. And prods me to produce new ones for others to consume.

I would like this sharing to be nothing like that. I would like this to be slow and organic. Like growing a tree over the years. And I would like it to be useful to present and future Internauts, as well as being a good representation of some sides of me.

Earlier today, Seneca, provided some clarity:

You demand an account of my days - generally as well as individually. You think well of me if you suppose that there is nothing in them for me to hide. And we should, indeed, live as if we were in public view, and think, too, as if someone could peer into the inmost recesses of our hearts’- which someone can! [2]

I wonder who else out there is breaking out of the piecemeal content creation and doing something more similar to this. I should do some research.

[1] Strictly limited to some dimensions on my life I’m willing to make public. And especially keeping into account the privacy of others.

[2] Seneca - Epistnlae Morales ad Lucilium, Letter LXXXIII - ‘Letters from a Stoic’, translated by Robin Campbell.