Updated Feb 26, 2021

🖊 Karma Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

A few years ago I started to believe in Karma.

It confused me at first because from analytical perspective it doesn’t make any sense.

I’ve seen things that seem too incredible to be explained. And it became more and more eerie as I figured out the general pattern. Or met other people that were aware of the same mechanisms.

It feels like a hack in the fabric of the universe. You just locally tweak a few variables in your local strategy, and suddenly the whole world unwinds in front of you.

The topology changes and suddenly things that were at opposite side are connected by portals and can waltz through them, and I can see other people around me also dancing in this beautiful fractal universe.

I have no problems in general with the “Fuck You, It’s Magic” explanation. The name originating from a sticker I was gifted coming out of my first Burn.

Fuck You, It’s Magic.

I can’t argue with that.

But that doesn’t mean I accept it and move on. I still want to understand the magic. Unless I find out understanding it breaks the spell, in which case I’d live it alone.

I’m open to any kind explanation. From counterintuitive statistics, to simulation theory.

Once recent thought seems like a step towards solving the mystery. It doesn’t explain everything but it’s probably part of the puzzle.

If I give more than I take, then I’m more like to accept when something comes my way.

Take up an invitation, accept a gift, seize an opportunity.